How to prove that Backgammon NJ does not look at upcoming rolls:

You may be thinking that since the dice rolls are determined in advance, the computer is cheating in a different way by looking at upcoming rolls to determine its strategy. Here is how you can prove to yourself that it is not looking at upcoming rolls:
  1. Set the skill level to Expert.
  2. Start a new match. (Select "New Match" in the Menu.)
  3. Print out the upcoming dice rolls.
  4. Play out a game and record all of the moves that you make.
  5. Turn on Manual Rolls.
  6. Start a new match. (Select "New Match" in the Menu.)
  7. Manually enter the same dice rolls and make the same moves for the game you just played.
You'll find that the computer will make the same exact moves as before, even though it doesn't have access to upcoming rolls because you are entering rolls manually. If you prefer, you can play the manual roll game first and the auto-roll game second.

Note: This will only work on Expert level, where the computer plays at full strength. On other skill levels, the computer will make random moves on occasion and will not play the same way from game to game.

Of course, even without doing the test above, you can always play using Manual Rolls, where the computer has no access to upcoming rolls. You'll find that there's no difference in your chance of winning or losing a match if you enter manual dice rolls instead of letting the AI generate random rolls.

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